Timber – Spindle Blank Sonokeling (Indian)


  • Turns well on the lathe
  • Good choice for pen turning
  • A highly polished finish can be achieved
  • Fairly straight grain pattern with an array of colours
  • The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced when polished

The pictures show the Sonokeling spindle blank, after being polished and a selection of spindle blanks

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Sonokeling is the same tree as Indian rosewood but differs, presumably because it is plantation grown, in having a broader colour range and being a little less hard and heavy

Sonokeling timber has beautiful colours ranging from black and brown to purple and Olive green with blue undertones. It is kiln dried and ready to turn. Rosewoods generally take an exceptionally high polish and this species is no exception!

The nature of the wood lends an amazing natural polish that is ideal for beginner to expert. After seasoning the wood shrinks little and is very stable in service. Shapes and turns exceptionally on the lathe and a highly polished finish can be achieved.

A good choice when making pens on the woodturning lathe

Spindle turning blank – approximately 24” x 2″ x 2″ (50 mm x 50 mm x 605 mm)


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