Timber – Muhuhu


  • Not too difficult to turn on the lathe
  • A highly polished finish can be achieved
  • The natural beauty of the wood can darken with age
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The Muhuhu is a small to medium sized tree is found along the dry coastal areas of Tanzania and Kenya. The wood as a fairly straight-grain, with a yellowish to greenish-brown heartwood is sharply demarcated from the very light coloured sapwood. The texture is fine and even with an interlocked grain.

The wood has an aromatic, spicy smell and the wood is distilled for its oil which is used in aromatherapy. After seasoning the wood shrinks little and is very stable in service. Shapes and turns well and takes a high polish.

Spindle turning blank – approximately 2″ x 2″ x 8″ (50 mm x 50 mm x 200 mm)


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