Sharpening – ProEdge Deluxe – PED01A Sharpening System


  • Replacement belts are readily available
  • Low Maintenance – Low cost
  • Ready to use straight out of the box

The pictures show examples of the ProEdge sharpening system being used with additional available jigs. The woodturning / carving / woodworking tools are all purchased separately

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ProEdge Plus (Deluxe) Sharpening System – The Ultimate Sharpening System PED01A 

The ProEdge by Robert Sorby represents the ultimate system for sharpening your woodturning and woodworking tools. Its unique design incorporates many years of experience in producing the keenest of edges accurately and efficiently

Benefits of using the ProEdge Sharpening System

  • Practically-When brought new it is practically ready to use straight out of the box, no assembly required. Just plug it in and sharpen your tools.
  • Repeatability-The unique angle setter ensures the same sharpening angle every time, thereby reducing the amount of tool steel removed.
  • Accuracy-All common sharpening and honing angles are easily achieved time after time with the index-able angle setter.
  • Versatility-Ideal for woodworking chisels, planes, carving and woodturning tools aswell as shears, lawn mower blades, knives, drills and router bits.
  • Compatibility-Owners of the Robert Sorby Deluxe Universal Sharpening System can use the finger nail profiling arm on the standard ProEdge system, a large economic saving.
  • Professional finish-The efficient abrasive belts reduce overheating and subsequent damage to your tools giving a clean and consistent finish.
  • Speed-The angle setter allows for quick selection of the desired angle, coupled with the simple to fit jigs. Sharpening your tools becomes a pleasure.
  • Low Maintenance – Low cost, long lasting abrasive belts are the only component that needs replacing.
  • With the ProEdge you have a quick, clean, all-round tool sharpening system. Belts are a rapid and cool means of achieving a keen edge every time. They are simple to change and inexpensive to replace.
  • As you are working on the flat surface of a belt rather than the diameter of a wheel, the ProEdge gives you a flat grind every single time

The ProEdge Plus (Deluxe) System – (PED01A) comes complete with the following accessories: Making it a most versatile sharpening system:

  • Skew Jig – (PESKEW)
  • Fingernail Profiler Arm – (446/447UPG)
  • Standard Gouge Jig – (PEVB)
  • Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Belt-120 – (PE120A)
  • Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Belt-240 – (PE240A)
  • Zirconium Abrasive Belt-60 – (PE60Z)

Safety: We recommended that eye and face protection is worn while sharpening your tools. Ensure any loose clothing and long hair are kept well away from any moving parts. Maintain a clean working environment when operating grinding and sharpening systems as sparks from this type of equipment are extremely hot and can cause fire if they get onto wood dust. Always switch off and disconnect from the wall socket mains electric supply before making any adjustments to the system.

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