ProEdge Knife Sharpening Jig


  • Ideal for sharpening most types of knives
  • The solution to sharpening your carving knives
  • Ideal for sharpening hunting and Kitchen knives
  • Razor sharp edge can be achieved with this jig
  • Available in a small size for knives up to 8”
  • Available in a large size for knives over 8”
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Knife Sharpening Jig for the ProEdge Sharpening System

Continuing with their innovative new products, Robert Sorby has introduced a Knife sharpening jig as an extremely useful accessory for the very popular ProEdge Ultimate Sharpening system.

The Knife sharpening jig consists of a new back plate with a raised wear plate attached, a universal arm, a choice between a small or large knife holder and a set of instructions.

The jig can be fitted to the ProEdge in a matter of minutes and the only equipment needed is a 13mm spanner.

The knife holders allow different length blades to be held securely and safely while they are being sharpened.

The small (PEKJIGS) model holds blades up to 8″ long such as pocket and woodcarving knives as well as small vegetable and paring knives.

The large version (PEKJIGL) holds blades over 8″ long such as hunting knives and kitchen meat carving knives.

Both holders have two pins to rest the back of the blade against for positive positioning and two clamping screws to hold the blade in place.

A third screw at the back of the holder is a jacking screw which ensures an even pressure is applied onto the blade the full length of the holder.

The aluminium collar on the shaft of the holder can be adjusted up or down to ensure the correct bevel angle is being achieved on the blade being sharpened.

Knives have different cutting angles in the same way woodworking, turning and carving tools depending on their application.

For instance, a woodcarving knife has a steep angle for edge strength and longevity of use where as a fish filleting knife has a very shallow cutting angle to create a razor sharp edge for a clean cutting action.

Also available are three new Trizact belts for sharpening and finishing all types of knife. A Trizact structured belt is different to other abrasive belts. Being arranged in an open form the abrasive allows for a rapid cut, with greater resistance to clogging which in turn means much less friction creating a cooler cut and extended belt life. These new belts are also suitable for sharpening high speed steel turning tools and carbon steel edge and carving tools.

These are shown above in the Replacement Abrasive Belts section: Item No’s: PE600T – PE1200T – PE3000T

ProEdge Knife Sharpening Jig – Large or Small

Watch this short video to explain and show you how to use and benefit by using the ProEdge Knife Sharpening Jigs


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