Forstner Bit and Auger 6 Piece Set


  • Sawtooth pattern cutting edge for a clean
  • Highly accurate
  • Resharpenable
  • For soft and hard wood
  • Particularly suited for cutting down the grain
  • Produce over-lapping holes
  • 4 x Forstner bits
  • 2 x Wood Augers
  • Supplied in a wooden box with metal latch
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To the same enacting standards, you come to expect from Planet Plus. This 6 piece boxed set consists of the following sawtooth forstner bits and augers, housed a wooden box with metal latch

  • 20mm Forstner Bit
  • 30mm Forstner Bit
  • 35mm Forstner Bit
  • 40mm Forstner Bit
  • 7mm x 200mm Auger Bit
  • 24mm x 200mm Auger Bit

The forstner bits have a centre point for positioning; the sawing motion of the Forstner bits outer rim produces a clean, crisp entry and guides the bit accurately to the bottom of the hole. The shearing action of the Forstner bits inner cutting edges plane thin slices of wood directly upwards and out of the hole reducing burning and chatter. The auger bits have point with screw thread, which pulls the auger bit in to the work piece producing a clean accurate cut.

These Forstner and Auger bits are ideal for producing accurate cutting of blind, through and overlapping holes. And can be used to produce a clean cut on; MDF, hardwoods, softwoods, and melamine including end grain boring, and are resharpenable.


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