12″ (304.8 mm) Round Center Finder


  • Ideal for the woodturner
  • Crafts person and hobbyist
  • Schools, college and university, Arts & Crafts type projects
  • Made from clear acrylic
  • 12” diameter
  • Ideal for finding the centre of logs, square blanks
  • Uneven outer edge and uneven surfaces
  • Use to find the max number of bowl blanks from one blank
  • Easy to use
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The 12″ (304.8 mm) Round Center Finder is made from clear acrylic and is ideal for the woodturner and other crafts people, who require finding the centre of the piece they are working on. Made from clear sturdy acrylic with a small hole in the centre from the centre circles are marked with a small hole from 1” to the outer edge 12” in ½” increments.

To find the centre and mark the circle, place the centre finder on top of the workpiece you will be able to select the best figured part with it being made from a clear acrylic. Tap a small nail / pin through the centre hole holding it in place, select the diameter you require and mark it by using a sharp pencil or scribe inserting it in your choice of diameter hole and mark the piece. (see picture A)


  • Woodturning marking out of bowl, platter blanks.
  • With the centre finder being clear you can select the best piece of the timber blank
  • Select the maximum number of bowl blanks from one blank
  • Mark out on logs with an uneven edge
  • Ideal for schools, college and university, Arts & Crafts type projects
  • Each circle outline is clearly marked


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