Elipse P3 Replacement Filter Set


  • Approved to European Standard EN140: 1998. APF: 20
  • Elipse twin filter ready to wear half mask
  • Latex and silicone free, lightweight TPE face piece that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Low profile filters provide unobstructed field of vision
  • Compatible with other PPE safety products including visors and welding helmets
  • Supplied in a pack of 2
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HESPA air filters for the Elipse Safety Half Face Mask

P3 – HESPA – Filter Media when development commenced none of the filter media available met the requirements for the new mask. Plenty of high efficiency pleatable media were available, but none combined a sufficiently low pressure loss with the high enough efficiency that was required to produce the low – depth filter needed. Thus, HESPA media – a high efficiency synthetic media with a low pressure loss – was developed to GVS’s specification. The HESPA media range has efficiencies from 99.95% to 99.999%, and has been shown to be more robust than the conventional glass media used in respirator filters.

The HESPA air filter is approved as a particle filter in accordance with European Standard EN1432000/A1. These filters are designed to fit the Elipse Safety Respirator (half face mask) only, which is approved as a half – mask in accordance with European Standard EN140:1998

SPR501F: The Elipse P3 (R) Filters provide protection against dust particles, metal fumes (smoke), asbestos, oil & water mists, vapours, bacteria & viruses

We recommend that when changing the filters that you change the two filters at the same time

Supplied in a pack of 2


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