ColtMaxi RotaStop – Peppermill Boring & Drilling Kit


  • Ideal for drilling out pepper and salt mills
  • Tool free assembly
  • Fast cutting with less heat build-up
  • Automatic locks and inlocks in the Colt extension rod
  • MaxiCut has a self-cutting centre point that offers no resistance
  • Asymmetrical chip breakers reduce particle build-up
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The ColtMaxi RotaStop – Peppermill Boring Kit is ideal for boring / drilling out blanks on the lathe for salt and peppermills, and similar projects on the lathe. This set features the RotaStop locking system, the cutting edge on the ColtMaxi RotaStop forstner bit cuts precisely and without the fear of slippage.

This kit combines the necessary tools to bore a precise hole through the center of a pepper mill body right on the lathe. ColtMaxi RotaStop combines the advantages of a forstner bit with those of a boring bit, while the high performance RotaStop shank provides optimum torque.

In addition to the above, the MaxiCut Forstner bit has a unique head design, it is fast cutting with a good chip clearance and can be used on both end and cross grain applications, producing an extremely clean precise hole, this forstner bit unlike most others as a lower heat build-up and there is less need to keep withdrawing the forstner bit during the drilling process.

The ColtMaxi RotaStop – Peppermill Boring Kit consists of the following:

  • 1 – 1/16” ColtMaxi RotaStop Forstner Bit
  • 150 mm ColtMaxi RotaStop Extension
  • ColtMaxi RotaStop Morse taper adaptor No 2 MT

The larger sized range of additional ColtMaxi RotaStop forstner bits that are available can also be used with this system and is ideal for the deeper hollowing out projects. Idea when there is a need to remove a lot of waste timbers or manmade materials such as in acrylic blanks.

  •  Note that the ColtMaxi RotaStop Morse taper adaptor is only available with a No 2 MT


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