Tormek SVM Knife Jigs


  • Long and short jigs for sharpening knives of various lengths
  • Adjustable to suit different blade thicknesses
  • Supplied as one of each jig: SVM-45 & SVM-140
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Out of stock

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Simple to operate jigs for sharpening knives of various lengths. The opening of the clamp can be adjusted to suit different thicknesses of blade and the handle is used to finely adjust the grinding angle. Once one side has been sharpened the jig can be flipped over to produce the same angle on the other side.

The SVM-45 takes small knives down to a minimum of 70mm and the SVM-140, which has a longer clamping capacity, takes knives either with longer blades (over 120mm) or very thin blades (such as filleting knives). Can also be used for electric hand planer knives.


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