Bushing Sets For Pen Turning Blanks


  • Pen Bushing Sets to match the majority of available pen turning kits
  • Purposely designed to fit the pen being turned
  • Will fit most pen mandrels with a mandrel shaft
  • Aids in holding the pen blank steady, stopping any wobble
  • Aids in turning the ends of the pen blank to the correct size / diameter
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Our pen turning bushings are designed to aid the pen turner when turning the pen blanks down to size. The bushing sets will fit most pen mandrels with a mandrel shaft.

Most pen kits will have a bushing set purposely designed to fit the pen, by using a bushing set that is dedicated to the type of pen being turned will aid in the guidance of turning the ends of the pen down to the correct diameter to fit / be level with the outer parts of the pen.

One side of the bushing set fits snuggly into the end of the brass tube glued in to the pen blank, with a bushing in each end of the pen blank, slide the pen blank and bushings on to the pen mandrel shaft the bushings will stop the pen blank from wobbling about on the shaft. Then adjust the pen mandrel shaft as per the instructions that came with your pen mandrel kit.

The 7mm bushing set are for the 7mm twist / slimline type pen kits, you slide one bushing on to the pen mandrel shaft, then the prepared pen blank followed by the second bushing, the pen mandrel is then adjusted as per the mandrel instructions. Turn the pen blank down to size to a shape of your own design, the ends of the pen can be turned down to the level (outer diameter) of the bushing set to give a cleaner and more uniform fit to the pen kits centre band, pen end cap and nib end of the pen parts.

If you have a pen and you are unsure of what size bushing set you require, email or phone our office with the name / type of pen you have, and we will see if we can match up the bushing set you require.

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Bushing Set to fit pen kits

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