Arbortech Power Carving Unit & Turbo Plane Package


Arbortech Power Carving Unit

  • Get the most out of any Arbortech attachment
  • Created for woodcarving, planing and sanding
  • Great versatility from variable speed control
  • Ergonomic design provides comfort and control
  • Fitted with an anti-vibration handle and soft start

Arbortech Turbo Plane Blade

  • Rapid freehand wood sculpting, planing and trimming
  • Ideal for free-formed convex and concave shapes
  • Leaves a smooth finish requiring minimal sanding
  • Excellent control and balance
  • 3 tungsten carbide cutters
  • Easily sharpened using a diamond file
  • 100mm diameter with a 22mm bore

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Carving Unit and Arbortech TURBO Plane Blade to create extremely flat, levelled surfaces or free form sculpt your workpiece.

Arbortech Power Carving Unit

The Power Carving Unit comes with a chip catcher, levelling guide, sanding pad, fan and chip tube.

As an alternative to an ‘off the shelf’ angle grinder, the Power Carving Unit, helps you get the most out of any Arbortech attachment. Specifically created to optimise all the Arbortech accessories, it ensures you can achieve the best results. It is a highly versatile tool, the variable speed allows you to use it for carving, planing and sanding.

Ergonomics combine with safety features providing comfort and control. The Power Carving Unit is compact, lightweight and fitted with an anti-vibration handle. It has a soft start avoiding abrupt jolts when switched on. Additionally, the safety lock-on switch prevents accidental restarts.

The chip catcher acts as a guard and allows direct connection to a vacuum to get rid of almost all dust and wood chips. The levelling guide is perfect to create levelled surfaces on timber, refurbish old timber and strip thin layers of paint using the sanding pad or Arbortech TURBO Plane Blade. The sanding pad is a soft 100mm backing pad with edges specifically designed to better conform to a curved, carved surface. The fan and chip tube deflect the majority of the wood chips when using the TURBO Plane, without the need for a vacuum.

Arbortech Turbo Plane Blade

The Arbortech TURBO Plane is a great addition to the very popular Arbortech range of products. Using this cutter is just like adding a rotary plane to your angle grinder. Proving very popular with woodcarvers and sculptors, the Arbortech TURBO Plane removes stock very quickly and leaves a great finish. Can be used on green or seasoned timber. The three durable tungsten carbide blades hold their edge well but can be easily sharpened using a diamond file when necessary. 100mm diameter.

Specification for Arbortech Power Carving Unit & Turbo Plane Package:

  • Nett Weight – 2 kg
  • Speed – 2,000 rpm to 11.000 rpm
  • Voltage – 230 V


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