Alcolin Cold PVA Wood Glue


  • High strength – final bond stronger than wood.
  • Long open time – long assembly time.
  • Versatile – bonds to a variety of porous substrates.
  • Low VOC – non-toxic, non-flammable (wet state).
  • Water-based formulation – cleans up easily with water
  • Supplied in bottles with applicator nozzle – 250 ml and 500 ml
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ALCOLIN COLD GLUE has been the South African market leader in wood adhesives for over 50 years. It is the original multipurpose polyvinyl acetate based adhesive exhibiting excellent bond strength to a wide variety of wood species. It has a medium viscosity making it easy to apply, and dries to form a tough glue-line that meets the SANS 10183:2009 D2 standard


The Alcolin Cold Glue is ideal for interior furniture assembly, model building, craftwork and photo mounting. Suitable for edge gluing, face gluing, laminating and veneering applications.


Excellent adhesion to soft woods (Pine, Meranti) and medium woods (Beech, Oak) and processed boards composites (hardboard, chipboard, supawood, high pressure laminates), leather, cloth, felt, paper, cardboard, cork and most other porous materials

The bottle is fitted with an easy to applicator nozzle and the bottle shows the details and the instructions on how best to use this glue

Supplied in bottles with applicator nozzle – 250 ml and 500 ml

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Bottle Size - ml

250 ml, 500 ml


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