Food Safe Finishing Oil


  • A clear food grade oil
  • Thin grade of oil to allow it to soak into bare timber
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The Chestnut Products Food Safe Finishing oil is a clear, food grade mineral oil. We use a thin grade of oil to allow it to soak into bare timber which then protects it against water splashes etc whilst not tainting or affecting the food in any way.

It dries to a fairly, matt finish it is however ideal to use for wet sanding and when used with a very fine abrasive it can give an exceptionally smooth surface which has its own gentle glow.

Apply with a clean cloth or brush direct onto bare wood, up to three coats are recommended. If the oil sits on the surface and won’t soak in it means the timber has absorbed as much as it can, and no further coats are needed. Any surplus can be removed with a clean cloth if required.

Depending on the way the item is used it might be necessary to top-up the finish, especially if it is washed regularly.


Typical uses

A clear food grade oil suitable for items which will hold or come into contact with food (salad and fruit bowls, cheese and chopping boards etc). Whilst very water resistant it is not recommended for items which will need to hold liquids.

Method of application

Cloth or brush

Drying time

Within two hours under normal conditions.


Approx. 6-8 m² per litre.


To maintain the food safety aspect this product should not be used with other products

Tips: Apply several coats for best results. Washing with detergent may remove some of the oil.

Wash brushes with warm, soapy water.

Safety Considerations

(Safety Data Sheets available on request)

Due to postal restrictions, we are unable to deliver the Food Safe oil outside of the UK

Supplied – 500 ml and 1 Ltr containers

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500 ml, 1 Ltr


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