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Spiralling & Texturing Tools

330H Spiralling System

The Spiralling System developed by Robert Sorby was designed to enhance turned work while still at the lathe, by adding a spiralling decoration. The tool system can be used to create both left and right sided spirals with ease and without having to spend time marking, cutting and shaping with many different files and tools, to achieve the same results. The spiralling system can be adjusted to produce different sizes and pitches of spirals aswell as cross hatches, diamond, rope effects and many more effects. This tool also textures and is easy to sharpen. The spiralling system comes complete with four cutters - three for spiralling and one for texturing, including detailed instructions on how to care for and how best to use and achieve the best results when using this tool. This system also features in the “Focus on Decorative Techniques video VRS03A

310H Texturing Tool

This is the tool you need to create an unusual visual effect on your turned work, an easy to master tool that can only aid you to enhancing what may be seen as a boring plain looking piece of wood.   Simply by altering the position of the tool at the tool rest against the revolving work will create many different effects, one of the most popular being the effect of orange peel. This tool is easy to sharpen and comes complete with detailed instructions on how to care for and how to achieve the different textured effects. The Texturing Tool also features in the “Focus on Decorative Techniques video VRS03A

Tip: When using either of these tools why not try some experimenting, by adding colours, using wood stains, inlays and liming wax just to achieve that something different look.
“You are only limited to your own imagination”

Code Size Description Price
330H ------ Spiralling System with 4 cutters (incl*) £149.99
310H ------ Texturing Tool (incl°) £69.75
350/0 ------ Texturing Cutter *° £29.99
350/2 2mm Cutter 2mm pitch * £29.99
350/4 4mm Cutter 4mm pitch * £29.99
350/6 6mm Cutter 6mm pitch * £29.99
360 ------ Tool Rest For Spiralling Tool * £26.99




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