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Chair Doctor™ Pro

The Veritas® Chair Doctor™ Pro works by soaking into wood cells, swelling them curing, leaving cells coated with a hard film of dried glue. The glue stabilizes the wood in the swollen state as well as bonds it. The Veritas Chair doctor Glue is ideal for any joints involving square or round tenons, such as wooden chairs. The Chair Doctor glue is particularly effective in environments with wide fluctuations in relative humidity, e.g. where central heating is in use. Making this the perfect solution for fixing those wobbly chairs in the kitchen

•     Chair Doctor Glue can penetrate narrow cracks in chairs. Such as kitchen chairs which have become decidedly wobbly and are about to fall apart when sat on.                                 
•     If a chair has a loose rung, an injection of Chair Doctor Glue will first swell the rung & then bond it.
•     The low viscosity lets it soak into the end grain of wood, swell it & then freeze the wood in its swollen state as it cures.
•     A film of dry glue is left on the walls of the wood cells, preventing contraction.
•     Dries clear
•     Will bond wood to metal and other hard materials
•     Any excess glue is easily cleaned away with a damp cloth

The Veritas® Chair Doctor™ Pro comes complete blister packed which shows instructions on how to use and contains the following

•     4floz (114ml) bottle of Chair Doctor™ Glue
•     1 syringe
•     3 different sized blunt-tipped injection needles

(The picture shows the Veritas® Chair Doctor™ Pro being used to repair that wobbly kitchen chair, the 114ml and the smaller 57ml bottles are shown with the syringe and blunt-tipped injection needles)

Code Size Description Price
510451 4floz (114ml) Veritas Chair Doctor Glue Pro Kit - 114ml £7.45
510450 57ml Veritas Chair Doctor Glue - 57ml £6.55




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