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Creusen 6” Powerline Grinder-Slow Speed

Slow Speed-Ideal for Woodturners

Creusen have by popular demand designed and manufactured a slower running speed bench grinder aimed at the woodturner. The main advantages and differences are that the Creusen HP7500TS Powerline Grinder is slower at 1425 rpm this running speed will help to prevent the burning on delicate tips on some woodturning tools. This machine is fitted with two 40mm wide white stones, one is a course 60 grit stone and the other is a fine 100 grit stone, with a fully adjustable tool rest.

Listed below are the main features of Creusen HP7500TS Powerline Grinder:
•     Large capacity 350W
•     Stable grinding supports on both sides, can be adjusted manually
•     Vibration free
•     Minimum noise level
•     High level operational safety
•     5 year warranty
•     Slower running speed (1425 rpm) is ideal for woodturners
•     Double locking, fully adjustable tool rests.

•     Model Number:-HP7500TS          
•     Speed:-1425rpm
•     Wheel Diameter:-150mm          
•     Wheel Width:-40mm
•     Bore:-15mm               
•     Weight:-11kg
•     Power:-350W               

The Robert Sorby Sharpening Systems 445, 446 & 447 are all suited to work with the Creusen HP7500TS Powerline Grinder. All aid in keeping your woodturning, woodcarving and woodworking tools in pristine condition

Code Size Description Price
510061 6” Creusen 6” Powerline Grinder-Slow Speed £254.94
400319 ------ Grindstone Aluminium Oxide White - 150 x 40 x 15mm(bore) 60G £35.45
400321 ------ Grindstone Aluminium Oxide White - 150 x 40 x 15mm(bore) 100G £32.94
900317 ------ Creusen Wall Support Stand £59.94
900196 ------ Creusen Blade & Chisel Jig £78.95




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