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ToolGuard VCI

The Shield Technology ToolGuard VCI offers simple yet effective and unbeaten protection against corrosion. ToolGuard VCI releases powerful corrosion inhibiting vapours which blocks corrosion on iron and steel in damp and humid conditions (up to 100% RH).

Each ToolGuard VCI provides up to 12 months protection in a volume of up to 2 cubic feet. They are designed to protect tools and components in storage cases, toolboxes and tool chests. In large cabinets, distribute several ToolGuard VCI’s throughout the cabinets. In traditional wooden toolmakers chests mechanics toolboxes with multiple draws, use one ToolGuard VCI per draw.

Large items or components can be protected by placing inside a strong plastic bag into which a ToolGuard VCI has been placed. The active VCI chemical is impregnated into an absorbent pad contained within the plastic lidded container. Until the lid is removed the shelf life of the ToolGuard VCI is infinite.

Simply place the ToolGuard VCI in your toolbox or cabinet and forget, giving the protection deserved to your valuable tools and accessories. The ToolGuard VCI is supplied in packs of 1, 3 and 10

Code Size Description Price
TG/01 01 Pk ToolGuard VCI - 01 £5.25
TG/03 03 Pk ToolGuard VCI - Pk of 3 £12.16
TG/10 10 Pk ToolGuard VCI - Box of 10 £29.99




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