Woodturning Lathes

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Jet - Woodturning Lathes

NAME:Jet JWL-1442 Woodturning Lathe

The cast iron stand and large motor will appeal more to the professional or committed hobby turner who is
looking for a rugged and powerful machine. Notable features of this excellent lathe are: (1) the solid cast iron
head which can both slide to and fro along the bed to the most convenient position and rotate to allow best
access for bowl turning, (2) mechanical variable speed which provides a choice of 370 - 2,500rpm speeds,
(3) heavy duty tool rest support locked in place with a quick-action cam locking lever, (4) 300mm cast iron
height-adjustable tool rest with bowl turning extension, (5) sliding tailstock with cam locking lever and calibrated
barrel, (6) spindle indexing facility and (7) a spring-loaded shaft lock. The lathe comes complete with four prong
drive centre, revolving tailstock centre, 150mm faceplate, centre knock-out bar, 300mm tool rest, bowl turning
extension, indexing pin, faceplate spanner, and comprehensive operating manual and T04M/T38 spindle adaptor

Key Features for Jet JWL-1442 Woodturning Lathe:
•     Cast iron lathe bed
•     Stable and vibration-free operation
•     Swivelling headstock turns full 360°
•     Variomatic 8 speeds
•     Graduated tailstock barrel

Specification for Jet JWL-1442 Woodturning Lathe:
•     Distance between Centres - 1,065mm
•     Input Power S6 40% - 1290W
•     Max Diameter over Bed - 355mm
•     Model - JWL-1442
•     Nett Weight - 165kg
•     Output Power S6 40% - 1005W
•     Overall L x W x H - 1,795 x 510 x 1,210mm
•     Power - Input 1,300W
•     Speed - 370 - 2,500rpm
•     Spindle Taper - 2MT
•     Spindle Thread - 1" x 8tpi
•     Taper Tailstock - 2MT

For a limited time the Jet JWL – 1442 woodturning lathe is on offer with a FREE SK100 Chuck & A Jaws worth £138.40

(Please Note: The price shown includes the Free delivery to UK address’s only. Please call or email our office to discuss options available for deliveries outside of the UK)

Code Size Description Price
510423 ------ Jet JWL-1442 Woodturning Lathe: Plus a FREE SK100 Chuck & A Jaws worth £138.40 £1,165.94

NAME:Jet JWL-1220 Woodturning Lathe

Offering larger capacities and motor power than is normally found in small bench top lathes, the heavy-duty cast iron bed of this lathe has a finely ground top surface and ensures stability and minimal vibration during operation. The thick walled cast iron headstock and tailstock provide rigidity; add strength and years of trouble-free turning pleasure. The tailstock is hollow (9mm bore) allowing long-hole boring to take place using a standard long-hole boring auger, and features auto ejection of centres. Quick release levers allow for easy and accurate positioning of tool rest and tailstock. The lathe is powered by a 700 watt induction motor suitable for continuous operation. The spindle speeds range from 400 to 3300rpm, within the choice of 6 belt ratios. The spindle nose has the very common 1" x 8TPI thread and a 2MT internal taper, so a large range of accessories are available. Solid rubber feet help to eliminate movement whilst in operation. The tailstock barrel has 50mm of movement and includes a 2MT live centre. The spindle is indexed every 15 degrees via a locking pin mechanism at the rear of the headstock. Supplied with: work light, 150mm tool rest, 250mm tool rest, drive centre, live centre, T04M/T38 spindle adaptor and 75mm face plate.

This is a great lathe for those looking for that extra quality and capacity but retaining portability.

Key Features
•     Heavy-duty cast iron bed ensures minimal vibration
•     Cast iron headstock and tailstock provide rigidity, strength and years of service
•     Hollow tailstock (9mm bore)
•     Quick release levers for easy positioning of tool rest and tailstock
•     Powerful induction motor suitable for continuous operation
•     Six spindle speeds from 400 to 3300rpm
•     Tailstock barrel has 50mm of movement
•     Spindle indexed every 15°
•     Supplied with: work light, 150mm tool rest, 250mm tool rest, drive centre, live centre & 75mm face plate

Description / Specifications:
•     Model - JWL-1220 Woodturning Lathe
•     Distance between Centres - 510mm
•     Max Diameter over Bed - 305mm
•     Nett Weight - 45kg
•     Overall L x W x H - 810 x 300 x 390mm
•     Power - Input 700W
•     Speed - 400 to 3,300rpm
•     Spindle Taper - 2MT
•     Spindle Thread - 1" x 8tpi
•     Taper Tailstock - 2MT

This is the ideal lathe for the woodturner of any level of ability, who likes to turn his or hers own pens, pencils, small bowls, jewellery and many other similar small projects

(Please Note: The price shown includes the Free delivery to UK mainland address’s only. This lathe and its accessories can also be collected from our store in South Wales, please call our office or email to check for availability and to make the necessary arrangements)

Code Size Description Price
700168 ------ Jet JWL-1220 Woodturning Lathe: £343.94 (was £429.95) £343.94
950369 ------ Bed Extension for JWL 1220 & JWL 1220VS £120.75

NAME:Jet JWL-1642 Woodturning Lathe

Built to a high standard and capable of taking a 400mm (16") diameter bowl and a bed long enough to turn a
1,060mm (42") long spindle. All the major castings are thick section cast iron which gives a very solid feel to the
lathe and should guarantee vibration-free running. Power is provided by a 1,100W output motor driving the
spindle through a choice of two pairs of pulleys and controlled by a variable speed controller situated at the rear of the headstock. The low speed range gives plenty of torque for the big turning jobs whilst the high speed range gives the speed necessary for smaller components and for finishing. The front panel of the headstock, as well as housing the speed control knob, has a rpm indicator, a safety on/off knob, a reversing switch and the access panel for changing the belt position. Other features are the swivelling, lockable chuck guard, tool basket under the bed, provision for mounting a shelf on the stand, indexing facility and spring loaded shaft lock. Comes complete with four prong drive centre, revolving tail centre, 350mm toolrest, 150mm faceplate, indexing pin, centre knockout bar and comprehensive operating manual

Key Features for Jet JWL-1642 Woodturning Lathe:
•     Capable of taking a 400mm(16") diameter bowl
•     Bed long enough to turn 1,060mm(42") long spindle
•     All major castings are thick section cast iron for vibration free running
•     Input 1,100W motor controlled by variable speed controller
•     RPM indicator
•     Swivelling, lockable chuck guard
•     Tool basket

Specification for Jet JWL-1642 Woodturning Lathe:
•     Distance between Centres - 1092mm
•     Input Power S6 40% - 1940W
•     Max Diameter over Bed - 400mm
•     Model - JWL- JWL-1642
•     Nett Weight - 200kg
•     Output Power S6 40% - 1510W
•     Overall L x W x H - 1,760 x 510 x 1,450mm
•     Power - Input 1,950W
•     Speed - 0-1,200, 0-3,200rpm
•     Spindle Taper - 2MT
•     Spindle Thread - M33 x 3.5mm
•     Taper Tailstock - 2MT

(Please Note: The price shown includes the Free delivery to UK address’s only. Please call or email our office to discuss options available for deliveries outside of the UK)

Code Size Description Price
510424 ------ Jet JWL 1642 Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe - 230V Plus a FREE SK100 Chuck & A Jaws worth £138.40 £1,829.94
300465 ------ Freestanding Tool Support £309.95

NAME:Jet 3520B Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe

The Jet 3520B lathe is equipped with precision ground bed ways and the headstock and tailstock are 13mm
thick cast iron with positive cam action locking devices. The heavy-duty cast iron headstock is designed to travel
up and down the entire length of the bed of the lathe. The safety spindle lock makes it easier to remove the
faceplates and chuck and the headstock, built with index lock, offers 36 index stops (10°) on the spindle. The 2-step,
10 groove Poly-V belt transmits full power from the motor to the spindle at all speeds while providing extra long belt
life and smooth running. Equipped with ergonomic handles allowing easy lifting of motor for speed change. The remote ON/OFF switch can be positioned for convenience. Supplied with a comparator centre for copy work. The 460mm bed extension is available as an optional extra and can be attached in two positions, the lower position giving a massive 490mm (19.1/4") centre height above the extension.

Key Features for Jet 3520B Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe:
•     Precision ground bed ways
•     Speed is controlled by the inverter allowing infinite speed adjustment within the machine's range
•     Digital spindle speed indicator
•     Spindle lock
•     Index lock, offers 36 index stops (10°) on the spindle
•     c/w comparator centre for convenient copy actions

Specification for Jet 3520B Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe:
•     Distance between Centres - 800mm
•     Input Power S6 40% - 1,470W
•     Max Diameter over Bed - 500mm
•     Model - JWL- JWL-3520B
•     Nett Weight - 326kg
•     Output Power S6 40% - 1,150W
•     Overall L x W x H - 1,473 x 685 x 1,370mm
•     Power - Input 2.6kW
•     Speed - Low 50-1,200rpm High 125-3,200rpm
•     Spindle Taper - 2MT
•     Spindle Thread - M33 x 3.5mm
•     Taper Tailstock - 2MT

(Please Note: The price shown includes the Free delivery to UK address’s only. Please call or email our office to discuss options available for deliveries outside of the UK)

Code Size Description Price
600595 ------ Jet 3520B Heavy Duty Woodturning Lathe - 230V: Plus a FREE SK100 Chuck & A Jaws worth £138.40 £2.00
504662 ------ Vacuum Chuck Adaptor for Jet 4224B/3520B £37.44
300468 150mm 150mm Tool Rest £21.44

NAME:Freestanding Tool Support

This heavy duty free standing tool rest support of cast iron construction is great for use with lathes with an outboard turning facility such as the Jet 4224. This also includes lathes where the headstock can be slid along the bed to the tailstock end allowing very large diameter projects to be undertaken. The 1442, 1642, and 3520B Jet lathes all have this facility. Designed to accept a 1" tool rest stem, the working height range is from 1,000mm to 1,240mm above the floor.

Key Features
•     Heavy duty support
•     Designed to be used with lathes with a rear turning facility
•     Sliding arm provides working height range from 1,000mm and 1,240mm

(Please note: Price includes the delivery charge for UK mainland only)

Code Size Description Price
300465 ------ Freestanding Tool Support £309.95

NAME:150mm Tool Rest

This is a very sturdy tool rest at 150mm long, this tool rest is for use with the Jet 3520B and 4224 woodturning lathes.

Code Size Description Price
300468 150mm 150mm Tool Rest £21.44

NAME:Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe & Floor Stand - PACKAGE DEAL

Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe

The Jet JWL1221VS is different to every other Jet lathe that has been before. The whole lathe has been designed to make the woodturning experience better by focusing on control. As with all other JET lathes, this one is made from cast iron, but the bed width is much wider than usually found on machines of this size. This gives great support to the tool rest holder, which also stays exactly where you clamp it even under the heaviest loads. The spindle is supported by heavy duty bearings and is quietly driven by a 745W DC motor via a 6 groove belt system. All of the motor controls are very conveniently located together; the speed control, spindle speed digital readout and forward/reverse selector all come naturally to hand. The tall, rigid tailstock has an ACME barrel lead screw with 64mm of travel, the barrel and headstock spindles have 2MT tapers. Camlocks on both tailstock and toolrest holder allow easy positioning just where you want them. To help keep things tidy there are tool and cable storage fittings on the bed, keeping those essential tools within easy reach. Although this is a great bench top lathe, with the optional extension bed and matching lathe and bed stands you can expand this lathe into a floor standing machine with over 1,000mm between centres. The lathe stand has a built-in storage tray plus wide feet for stability, whilst the bed extension is an exact match to the lathe bed, giving a completely integrated look to whole machine. This is without doubt a very fine small lathe.

Stand for Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe

This substantial stand complements the JWL-1221VS lathe. Having wide feet, it remains very stable and has a convenient tool storage tray built in. Easy to assemble, it provides a ready alternative to bench mounting the lathe.

Key Features for the Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe
•     Fully cast iron construction with an extra wide bed, superbly stable
•     Exceptionally wide range of spindle speeds, 60-4,000rpm
•     Innovative ratchet style belt tensioning system, perfect every time
•     Conveniently located motor controls and speed DRO
•     24 integrated indexing positions and spring loaded spindle lock
•     Smooth transition between forward and reverse for easy control

Specification for Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe & Floor Stand - PACKAGE DEAL:
•     Distance Between Centres - 520mm
•     Max Diameter over Bed - 318mm
•     Model - JWL-1221VS
•     Power - 745W (230V, 1ph)
•     Speed - 60-4,000rpm
•     Spindle Taper - 2MT
•     Spindle Thread - 1" x 8tpi
•     Taper Tailstock - 2MT

Stand for Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe
•     This substantial stand complements the JWL-1221VS lathe
•     Having wide feet, it remains very stable
•     It has a convenient tool storage tray built in
•     Easy to assemble, it provides a ready alternative to bench mounting the lathe

Code Size Description Price
717443 ------ Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe & Floor Stand - PACKAGE DEAL £920.99
505073 ------ Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe 230V £719.99
505074 ------ Jet JWL1221-VS Bed Extension £141.99
505075 ------ Stand for JET JWL-1221VS £251.94
505076 ------ Stand Jet JWL 1221VS Extension Bed £97.99

NAME:Jet JWL – 1015 Woodturning Lathe

This new Jet lathe is an excellent introduction to woodturning. It is sturdy, smooth running and has the power and precision to turn any number of projects, ranging from pens, bottle stoppers, drawers, cupboard knobs, platters, boxes and bowls. Powered by a 375W induction motor, it drives a strong spindle through 6 belt pulleys, giving a good range of speeds for any project. Speed changing is easy with convenient doors that give full access to the belt and pulleys; a grab handle is used to raise the motor and to re-tension the belt. The bed is precision ground cast iron, with much wider than average bedways. This gives great support to the tool rest and tailstock, both fitted with cam locking. The spindle has the common M33 x 3.5mm thread and has a 2MT internal taper. There are also 24 integrated indexing positions making it easy to cut fluting and veining. The tailstock also has a 2MT internal bore, the spindle having a 50mm travel and is self-ejecting. The Jet JWL-1015 is the perfect choice for the novice woodturner or the advanced turner looking for a small, fully featured machine for the workshop.

Key Features
•     Cast iron lathe bed for stability and extremely low vibration
•     Years of trouble-free turning due to high build quality
•     Hollow tailstock and headstock for hollow boring
•     Cam lock levers on tool rest and tailstock
•     6 spindle speeds ranging from 400-3,300rpm
•     Spindle indexed every 15° for fluting or veining
•     Easy belt speed change, quiet Poly-V belt

Specification for Jet JWL-1015 Woodturning Lathe:
•     Distance Between Centres – 368mm
•     Max Diameter over Bed – 254mm
•     Model – JWL – 1015
•     Nett Weight – 33kg
•     Overall L x W x H – 890 x 300 x 370mm
•     Power – 375W (230V 1ph)
•     Speed – 400-3,300rpm in 6 steps
•     Spindle Taper – 2MT
•     Taper Tailstock – 2MT
•     Tool Rest Stem Diameter – 16mm

Supplied with 80mm faceplate, 2MT drive and tailstock centres and knock-out bar N.B The distance between centres will vary and be dependent on the type of centres or accessories used.

Code Size Description Price
508263 ------ Jet JWL – 1015 Lathe 230V £449.95




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