Deluxe Boxed Set – Turnmaster


  • Unprecedented collection of parts and cutters
  • Quickly and easily complete many popular projects
  • Choice of different cutters
  • Choice and flexibility in one easy to handle tool
  • 600g Diamond Honing Card
  • The most versatile and value added single tool concept on the market today
  • Put together in a beautiful wooden box
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Out of stock



The Robert Sorby TurnMaster is the perfect tool for the beginner or a fantastic foil for the more experienced woodturner looking for a flexible tool to equip their workshop.

This set comes complete with 3 detachable heads to allow for quick interchanging.

The Turnmaster – Deluxe Boxed Set includes

  • TurnMaster shank with HSS detail point cutter fitted
  • HSS round cutter fitted to a detachable head
  • HSS square cutter fitted to a detachable head
  • French Curve cutter
  • Teardrop cutter
  • Mushroom cutter
  • Dovetail / box Cutter
  • ¼” Standard Parting Tool
  • 12″ Sovereign Handle
  • 4″ Sovereign Extension Sovereign Tang Collet
  • Sovereign Threaded Coupler
  • 600g Diamond Honing Card.

Set comes in a beautiful wooden box carefully designed by Robert Sorby’s product management team.


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