Modular Micro – Woodturning Set of 12


  • Ideal for micro / miniature woodturning projects
  • Easy replacement of tools using the key provided
  • Other modular micro tools are available
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The Robert Sorby modular micro tool set is ideal for the woodturner who enjoys the art of micro / miniature woodturning projects such as small boxes, small hollow forms and spindle work including pen turning. The Robert Sorby Modular micro utilises the anodised red aluminium handle with the easy replacement of the different tools available by the means of loosening and tightening the grub screws with the key provided.

This new 12 piece micro set includes:

  • Red aluminium handle
  • hex key
  • 12 blades
  • 888/1 Micro Roughing Gouge
  • 888/3 Micro Parting Tool
  • 888/4 Micro Gouge
  • 888/5 Micro Beading & Parting Tool
  • 888/6 Micro Boring Tool
  • 888/7 Micro Swan Neck Hollowing Tool
  • 888/8 Micro Skew
  • 888/9 Micro Round Nose Scraper
  • 888/10 Micro Curved Undercut Scraper
  • 888/11 Micro French Curve Scraper
  • 888/12 Micro Diamond Undercut Scraper
  • 867 Spindle Gouge.

A more detailed description of each micro tool can be found in our micro and modular micro tools section.

Modular Micro – Woodturning Set of 12


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