Mirka Abranet® Velcro backed abrasive Sheet – 120mm x 70mm


  • A longer lasting abrasive
  • Hook & Loop backed open mesh design, eliminating clogging
  • Dust free sanding when used with extraction
  • Use for woodturning, carving
  • Other uses for woods, MDF, Paint & Plaster
  • Supplied in Boxes of 50 & Packs of 10
  • In Grits from 80 to 600
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Abranet® is a revolutionary new abrasive material offering a low level dust free, sanding with no clogging of the abrasive sheet. The Velcro backed open mesh design features thousands of tiny holes which will make sure that when used with suitable extraction the passage of dust will be incredibly efficient. Because Abranet® abrasive keeps the surface that you are sanding dust free, this results in a very uniform scratch pattern leaving an ultra-smooth finish. It is incredibly durable and will last twice if not longer than many conventional abrasives making it very cost effective.

The Abranet® abrasives can be used for a wide range of professions including: Woodturning, woodcarving, general woodworking projects and it is also suitable for sanding materials apart from wood it can be used by the painter & decorator, vehicle body work, boat building the list goes on These Velcro backed abrasives can also be cut to shape to work with the sanding systems used for deep vases and the Robert Sorby Sand Master (code 410) also the different sized sanding blocks. Abranet® Velcro backed abrasives

  • Supplied in 70 x 125mm strips in boxes of 50 or in packs of 10.
  • Available in a wide range of grits from 80 – 600 grits.
  • Mirka / Abranet® Abrasive Accessories
  • The Mirka / Abranet®, have several different sanding accessories to aid in a more efficient method of sanding.
  • Velcro backed hand sanding block 70mm X 125mm – (code: 15428)
  • Mirka Extraction Hose 20mm x 4m – (code: 03289) for attaching to your dust extraction system and house hold vacuum cleaner
  • These abrasives are also ideal for sanding back repairs prior to painting
  • We supply the Abranet® abrasives and sanding accessories, for the woodturner, woodcarver and woodworker.

Abranet Abrasive Sheets

Supplied in Boxes of 50 and Packs of 10 – Grits from 80 to 600

Box of 50 is no longer available.

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Quantity & Grit Size

80 Grit – Pack of 10, 100 Grit – Pack of 10, 120 Grit – Pack of 10, 150 Grit – Pack of 10, 180 Grit – Pack of 10, 240 Grit – Pack of 10, 320 Grit – Pack of 10, 400 Grit – Pack of 10, 500 Grit – Pack of 10, 600 Grit – Pack of 10, 80 Grit – Box of 50, 100 Grit – Box of 50, 120 Grit – Box of 50, 150 Grit – Box of 50, 180 Grit – Box of 50, 240 Grit – Box of 50, 320 Grit – Box of 50, 400 Grit – Box of 50, 500 Grit – Box of 50, 600 Grit Box of 50


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