Micro-Mesh Abrasives Sheets


  • The pen turners first choice of fine abrasives
  • Outstanding results on acrylic type pen and jewellery blanks
  • Washable, helps to extend the working life
  • Assorted Pack of 9 sheets – 150 x 75mm
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MICRO-MESH is a unique cushioned abrasive that produces a very fine and uniform scratch pattern. The mixed pack of 150 x 75mm abrasives is supplied in nine grades ranging from 1,500 to 12,000. The 1,500 is similar in grit range to conventional 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper. The 12,000 will leave a scratch pattern that cannot be detected by the human eye. MICRO-MESH offers outstanding results for a huge range of applications and is proving to be extremely popular with pen turners, musical instrument makers, furniture restorers and anyone who requires a highly polished surface. This product is very hard wearing and can be washed and used over and over again. You will wonder how you managed without it.

The Micro – Mesh is a unique type of abrasive used for when you are looking at achieving an extremely high standard of finish, use the micro-mesh pads after finishing with abrasives such as the Hermes RB406 J-Flex abrasives with a grit of 400 or the Mirka Abranet® abrasives 600 grit. Then start to use the micro – mesh abrasive sheets starting with a grit of 1,500 this alone will produce an extremely high standard of finish.

If required, you then go on to use higher grit micro – mesh sheets and after using the 12,000 grit any scratch marks left during the finishing process will not be detectable to the naked eye.

This type of abrasive will produce an excellent fine finish every time and apart from its use for work being turned at the lathe, the micro – mesh abrasives can be used on many different types of projects where a high standard of finish is required. Micro – Mesh abrasives are also washable making them last much longer than your standard abrasives.

Supplied in an assorted pack of 9 sheets150 x 75mm, with grits ranging from 1,500 to 12,000 grit.

The Micro-Mesh abrasive pads are the ideal choice for finishing off pens, jewellery and other small projects on the lathe


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