Evolution Series Long Hole Boring Kit


  • Accurate and fast long hole boring on the lathe
  • Parabolic flute for fast chip clearance
  • 880 mm long with a 8 mm diameter at the tip
  • Unique Evolution twist-lock handle included
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Out of stock

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Designed for long hole boring on the lathe. Specifically designed to drill accurate holes in the end grain of wood mounted on the woodturning lathe, the parabolic flute design of the HSS-M2 steel bit clears the chips quickly and prevents chip burn.

Dimensions are 880 mm long, with a 6.5 mm shank and a bit diameter of 8 mm at the tip tapering to 7.9 mm for clearance. The twist-lock handle (178 x 30mm) is manufactured in Axminster from steel, with a comfortable rubber grip this handle slides up and down the shaft of the bit ensuring accurate hole depth and prevents accidental contact of the bit with your counterbore drive.

As with all long hole augers, frequent withdrawing will help to clear the waste and reduce the risk of overheating


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