Dome Brush for Drills


  • Made in the UK
  • Natural bristles
  • Dome shaped
  • Can be used with a buffing system
  • Can be used on the woodturning lathe
  • Can be used for polishing bowls
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Out of stock

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Made in the UK, this brush is designed for use in either a drill chuck or as part of the Buffing Wheel System.

The natural bristles are arranged in a dome and are thus ideal for polishing pretty much any waxed surface and can also be used for buffing the inside of a bowl.

The brush is supplied complete with all the fixings for use in a drill and unscrewing the hexagonal mandrel will reveal a threaded bolt that fits into the Buffing Wheel Kit.

This is a multi-purpose brush, approximately 50 mm H x 150 mm in diameter with an 8mm Hex Shank Arbor. The bristles are arranged in a dome shape.

Supplied ready to use


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