Deluxe Boxed Set – Spiralling & Texturing Tool Set


  • Ideal for decorating and adding texture to woodturning projects
  • Quickly and easily complete many popular projects
  • Includes the spiralling cutters
  • Includes the cutters for adding texture
  • Ideal for the beginner and the more advanced woodturner
  • Choice and flexibility
  • Put together in a beautiful wooden box
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Out of stock



The Robert Sorby Spiralling & Texturing Deluxe Boxed Set is for decorating and adding texture to woodturning projects, this set is an absolute must! Features both the full size and modular micro systems to deliver a multitude of decorative shapes and patterns.

This set includes:

  • Unhandled spiralling system
  • Texturing cutter
  • Spiralling cutters 2mm
  • 4mm and 6mm pitches
  • Unhandled modular micro spiralling tool
  • 2 micro spiralling cutters and micro texturing cutter
  • 12″ Sovereign handle
  • 4″ Sovereign extension
  • Sovereign 1/2″ collet
  • Sovereign threaded coupler
  • 600g Diamond Honing Card and Focus on Decorative Techniques DVD

Comes complete with a beautiful wooden box that has been carefully designed by Robert Sorby’s product management team to appeal to beginners and the more experienced woodturner alike.


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