• Impress your guests at the dinner table has you uncork the bottle of wine
  • Makes a nice gift or for sales at the craft fair, shows and shops
  • A professional grade corkscrew has a unique helix screw
  • Material for the handle is purchased separately
  • For a more exquisite high end look, try one of our alternatives to Ivory, Shell, Horne & Bone
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Our professional grade corkscrew has a unique helix screw that gives a strong bond with the cork and reduces the possibility of breaking loose and tearing the cork.

The corkscrew threads into a separate head that is secures into a turned handle. The material used to make the handle is purchased separately. Check out our acrylic and manmade material’s section

Our Premium Corkscrews combined with our manmade material imitating bone, horn, tortoise shell or ivory would be an excellent choice for the corkscrew handle and enhance any table, with the bottle of wine and cheese board.

Pictures show the corkscrew with a wooden handle and one with a handle made from one our Alternative Ivory tuning blanks


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