Combination Mortice and Marking Gauge


  • Made from carefully selected rosewood
  • Protective lacquered finish
  • With solid brass fittings
  • Overall length approximately 200mm
  • Fitted with a brass knurled thumbscrew
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The combination mortice and marking gauge is designed to perform two operations. On one side of its post there is a single pin for general marking with the grain or on end grain timbers and materials. On the other side of the post there are two pins, which are used for marking the double lines required when setting out mortice and tenon joints, hence the name, one of the pins is fixed and the other is adjustable and will slide up and down the post.

The mortice and marking gauge is made from a sealed rosewood fitted with solid brass fittings and has a knurled brass thumbscrew which is used to secure in place the position of the marking pins.

Overall length approximately 200mm


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