Buffing Compound


  • Compound 1 – Brown
  • Sometimes referred to as tripoli
  • Used with the ‘A’ Wheel / Dome
  • Any build-up on the wheel / dome can be washed off
  • Compound 2 – White
  • Sometimes referred to as white diamond
  • Leaves a semi-gloss finish
  • Superb foundation for the topcoat of wax
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These compounds are designed to co-ordinate with the cloth used in the Buffing Wheels and Dome Buffs to give an exceptional cut and prepare the surface to a very smooth finish prior to using wax.

Compound 1 – Brown

Sometimes referred to as tripoli, is used with the ‘A’ Wheel / Dome to help smooth the applied finish. Avoid overloading the wheel/dome where possible to prevent a build-up of the compound. If this happens it can be removed from the wheel by either washing in soapy water or abrading the edge of the wheel with a coarse abrasive.

Do not use on very open grained light coloured timber as the compound can get lodged in the grain and colour the piece.

Compound 2 – White

Sometimes referred to as white diamond, acts as a cleanser to remove any traces of Compound 1 left on the surface (but not from the grain) and also has a very fine abrasive contained in it which smooths the work, leaving a semi-gloss finish and a superb foundation for the top coat of wax.

Use Compound 2 sparingly, too much on the wheel will result in smears on the surface of your work which can be removed with buffing, but this can be very time consuming and frustrating. It’s always best to apply a little and add more if needed.

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Buffing Compound 1- Brown, Buffing Compound 2 – White, Buffing Compounds 1 & 2


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