Universal Pen Mandrel Kit

The Universal Pen Mandrel Kit by Planet Manufacturing is an innovative design that allows the majority of pen kits available to be turned on a single mandrel. The adjustable shaft length enables the user to decide whether it is desirable to turn one or two pen components at a time. Each kit is supplied complete with 3 parallel spacers for turning pens with an outside barrel diameter of 7mm and 4 cones for barrel diameters of 7.5 - 12mm. The cones have a 90 degree included angle which will not mouth the barrel or cause any other damage in normal use. The kit comes supplied with additional lock nut kit for use with larger blanks and a leaflet explaining how to use the kit.

Code Size Description Price
PM1 1MT Universal Pen Mandrel Kit £26.00
PM2 2MT Universal Pen Mandrel Kit £26.00

Special Offer for the Pen Turner

If you are unsure of what to buy the turner in your life for Christmas this year, read on and also check our website for further special offers leading up to Christmas

This special offer is catered for someone who is just starting out in the art of turning pens at the lathe and for the more experienced woodturner who just wants to upgrade to a superior pen turning kit. Everything you require to get yourself started in pen turning at the lathe

A more detailed guide / information on the each of the individual items shown in the picture can be found in our pen making section of the Tool Shop drop down menu

For Christmas 2012 our pen turning kit special offer consists of the professional pen maker kit consisting of the pen mandrel No 1 or No 2MT complete with spacers and cones for different sizes and types of pens and similar projects you like to turn, the pen blank trimming tool, a set of three long series drill bits, a pack of five twist top pen kits, all housed securely together is a strong sturdy plastic case which also contains instructions on how to use the professional pen making kit and its contents. We have also included an assorted pack of 5 of our best selling Acrylic Pen Turning Blanks

This Special Offer also includes Free of Charge a pot of our Cyanoacrylate Super Glue the ideal glue for holding your finished pens together

This special offer consists of the following:
• Professional pen making kit (Item Codes: PM1/K or PM2/K)
• Selection of five of our best selling Acrylic Pen Blanks (please note that the colours may be different from the ones shown in the picture below)
• Cyanoacrylate Super Glue – Free of Charge

Making this a special an ideal present not only for Christmas but for birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions or something for yourself

Note: If you are unsure to what size Morse Tapper (MT) you require for your lathe or you are not sure what it is then either call our office (UK – 01873 831 589) or send me an email via the email link below, address it to Dave Martin and I will return your call or email with the answers you require.

Code Size Description Price
PTO/No2 No 2MT Special Offer for the Pen Turner £77.70
PTO/No1 No 1MT Special Offer for the Pen Turner £77.70

Beginners Woodturning Tool Set (6 piece set)

67HS-6 Piece Tool Set: This is the ultimate full size all round woodturning tool set. Perfect for the beginner for any type of turning from bowls to spindles, also a perfect addition of woodturning tools to any woodturner of any level of experience, as the selection of tools are the most popular tools used at the lathe.

The set consists of the following turning tools, one of each:
•     ¾” Roughing Gouge
•     ¼” Parting Tool
•     3/8” Bowl Gouge
•     3/8” Spindle Gouge
•     ¾” Oval Skew Chisel
•     ½” Round Nose Scraper

The tool set is neatly put together and presented in a gift box

The Ideal gift for the turner in your life; or for yourself, the beginner but this set of 6 woodturning tools is just as valuable to the more experienced woodturner

Code Size Description Price
67HS ------ Turning Tool Set-6 Piece Set £149.75

Veritas Tapered Snug Plug Cutter & Flush Cutting Saw - PACKAGE DEAL

Package deal comprises the Veritas 1/2" Tapered Snug Plug Cutter and the Veritas Flush Cutting Saw.

Veritas 1/2" Tapered Snug Plug Cutter Sometimes when plugging holes, no matter how carefully drilled, the holes finish up slightly oversize for the plug, especially in soft woods. These cabinet maker's snug plug cutters overcome this by cutting a slightly tapered plug. The first 3mm of the plug is the diameter stated whilst the remaining length is then flared out at an angle of 3°. Just tap the plug into place until you meet resistance then cut off the excess. Also, unlike regular plug cutters which have two cutting flutes, these plug cutters have four, giving a much cleaner cut and a smooth-sided plug which fits perfectly every time and is practically invisible, for best results use in a drill press or power drill stand.

Veritas Flush Cutting Saw Traditionally used for the rapid trimming of plugs and dowels flush with a surface, these flush cutting saws can be used where you want to cut off a projection without damaging the surrounding or adjoining face. The Japanese tooth pattern blade cuts aggressively (on the pull stroke), but does not mark the surface that it is cutting next to. The thin blade is flexible and can be pressed flush to any surface, yet is rigid enough for good control. 290mm long with 120mm of blade, single edge 26tpi. These work like a charm.

Key Features

Veritas Tapered Snug Plug Cutter

•     Snug plug cutters cut a slightly tapered plug
•     1/2" Cutter
•     Flares out at 3° angle
•     Four cutting flutes

Veritas Flush Cutting Saws

•     Excellent for cutting projecting dowels or plugs
•     Single edged 26tpi with no set
•     Japanese style tooth pattern
•     Flexible blades cut on the pull stroke
•     Overall length 290mm(11.1/2") with 120mm(4.3/4") blade

Our special offer price for this package deal is £34.99 (was £38.39)

Code Size Description Price
717578 ------ Veritas Tapered Snug Plug Cutter & Flush Cutting Saw - PACKAGE DEAL - £34.99(was £38.39) £34.99

7mm 24ct – Gold Twist Pen Kits – Pack of 10 – Special Offer

These are probably the most popular pen making kits available, which are ideal for both the beginner and more advanced pen making crafts person alike

This offer consists of 10 twist top 7mm pen making kits in a gold finish. Each kit utilise a single diameter of insert tube and may be turned on our pen mandrels (PM1/2 & PM1/K-PM2/K) without the need for cones or stepped bushings, the kits consist of all the necessary components apart from the wood. Use the 7mm HSS Lip & Spur Drill Bit (LS/HSS-7) or the 7mm Colt HSS-M2 150mm Pen Drill Bit (702554) to drill the pen blank.

Code Size Description Price
PKT1/10 7mm 7mm 24ct – Gold Twist Pen Kits – Pack of 10 – Special Offer £31.45

Set of Calipers & Dividers

The Planet Manufacturing Calipers and Dividers are ideally suited to the requirements of the woodturning, and other woodworking projects,   the screw adjustment ensures that the dimension set cannot be accidentally moved

This special offer set of three calipers consists of the following:
•     6” Outside Calipers
•     6” Inside Calipers
•     6” Dividers

Code Size Description Price
3PSC/6 6" 6" Set of Calipers & Dividers £9.99

Safety Equipment Starter Set

We have put together a selection of our most popular safety clothing and equipment. The set consists of the following; allowing the woodturner / woodworker or carver to start work on their chosen project straight away knowing that they have adequate protection from, dust, flying debris and the effects of noisy power tools, with the cotton cabinet makers apron allowing you to work safely and with its large pockets enabling you to keep your pencils, rules dividers etc all at hand ready to use.
The set consists of the following:
•     x 1 - Ear Muffs-Standard - conform to EN24869-1
•     x 1 - Dust Mask - FFP3
•     x 1 - Safety Spectacles-with Side Shield
•     x 1 – Cotton Apron better known as the Cabinet makers apron
For more information on any of the above Safety items look through the Safety Equipment pages
Normal total price for the above selection is £21.40 our special offer price £18.45

Code Size Description Price
SESSO ------ Safety Equipment Starter Set £18.45

Carvin’ Jack

The Flexcut Carvin’ Jack is the complete carving kit in your pocket and whether you are a new comer to woodcarving or an expert this is the one carving tool that will make an ideal addition to your tool box. If you are working from your home / workshop or even out and about, such as camping or fishing this multi-blade knife is ideal for keeping yourself busy carving or whittling that newly found timber. An excellent gift for yourself or the carver in your life   

The Carvin' Jack is an extremely innovative new tool which comes complete with its own Flexcut Sliptrop and Gold Polishing Compound. And includes a Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Hook Knife, V-Scorp, Gouge Scorp and Chisel, plus handy leather carrying case with belt loop, and all the accessories you’ll need to keep a razor-sharp edge for perfect cuts

The six high-carbon steel blades are conveniently stored in the handle and securely lock in both the opened and closed positions. Each razor edge is pre-honed and sharpened. Includes the Flexcut Sliptrop and Flexcut Gold polishing compound and Leather carrying case has snap-close button and belt loop

The pictures below shows examples of use for carving with the Carvin’ Jack

1.     Gouge Scorp: Scorps, by their nature, are right-angled gouges. Their very short turning radius allows them to carve very narrow, deep recesses, similar to spoon gouges.
2.     V-Scorp: The V-Scorp’s sharp corners leave a clean line of demarcation between two adjacent surfaces, much the same as outlining with a pencil
3.     Chisel: This handy carpenter’s tool is great for setting a hinge, carving lettering or smoothing off hard-to-reach convex surfaces.
4.     Detail Knife: Its fine point can be used for detailing delicate areas or quickly removing wood from a convex surface as you would with any whittling knife
5.     Hook Knife: The hook knife is designed for carving in hollow areas where a straight blade can’t reach. It’s ideal for hollowing spoons or roughing out larger amounts of waste wood.
6.     Straight Gouge: Gouges are used for modelling surfaces or creating different textures. It can also be used for carving printmaking woodcuts

Code Size Description Price
474371 ------ Flexcut Left-Handed Carving Jack £128.25
352091 ------ Flexcut Right-Handed Carving Jack £128.25

Gorilla Glue & Gorilla Tape Offer

This special offer consists of the very popular Gorilla glue and the Gorilla tape, the glue is in the handy size of 2oz and the tape is 11 metres in length. For a more detailed description of these two products click on the Tool Shop tab above, scroll down to and click on the Adhesive tab

Code Size Description Price
GGSO 2oz & 11mtr Gorilla Glue & Gorilla Tape Offer £7.99

Shield Technology Restore Special Offer

Because of the frequent inquiries that we receive into these two Restore solutions from the Shield Technology range of restore and protection products, we have put together both the Restore Pre-Clean and the Restore Rust Remover products.

This is the ideal solution for restoring those tools that you haven’t used for some time for one reason or the other and they have been overcome with that dreaded rust and dust

For more information on these two products see the Shield Technology category in the Tool Shop drop down menu   

This special offer consists of:
•     1 x Restore Pre-Clean - 250ml
•     1 x Restore Rust Remover - 250ml

Code Size Description Price
STRSO x 2 - 250ml Shield Technology Restore Special Offer £19.99

Woodturners Tormek Special Offer

For the woodturner who cares for his or hers woodturning tools, which we all know can be expensive to replace. What better way to care for your turning tools keeping that ultra razor sharp polished edge, than to use the Tormek T-7 with the purposely designed sharpening and polishing jigs

We have put together for a limited time only the Tormek T-7 and the Tormek TNT-708 Woodturners Sharpening Kit with a massive saving.

For more information on the T-7 and the TNT-708 Woodturners Sharpening Kit, click on the Sharpening section on the Tool Shop drop down menu where you can see what is on offer at this remarkable price

Code Size Description Price
718091 ------ Tormek T7 + TNT-708 Woodturner's Kit Package Deal £745.45

Pen Making Kit Special Offer

Buy the rotur Professional Pen making kit and get the Robert Sorby set of three Pen turning tools (36HS), which includes the Robert Sorby Spindle Master at discounted price – Normal retail price £61.93. When purchased with this offer you get a massive saving – It’s only £55.00

This special offer consists of the following:
• Set of the Robert Sorby pen making tools (36HS)
• Professional pen making kit with either a No 1 or No 2MT Mandrel (PM1/K or PM2/K)

Code Size Description Price
PMKSO/PMK1 No 1MT Pen Making Kit Special Offer £117.70
PMKSO/PMK2 No 2MT Pen Making Kit Special Offer £117.70

Restore – Blade & Bit Cleaner

•     Fast Acting – Trade Strength formula for efficient cleaning
•     Removes pitch and resin from circular saw blades, router bits, spindle moulder tooling, drill bits, forstner bits, the list goes on
•     After cleaning, the items are protected against short term corrosion
•     Supplied in an easy to use 500ml spray bottle
•     Economical and Biodegradable

As an introductory offer

We are supplying
The Restore – Blade & Bit Cleaner (500ml Spray Bottle)
With a pair of our Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves - At No extra charge

Code Size Description Price
BBC500 500ml Restore – Blade & Bit Cleaner (500ml Spray Bottle) £15.99

Arbortech Woodcarver PRO-4 Kit

This carving disc fits onto most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders and removes large amounts of wood quickly and effectively when carving or sculpting. The blade has an extremely hard cutting edge with a resilient core which gives it a very low wear rate and the strength to withstand the stresses of high speed operation. Sharpening can be carried out with a 5.5mm chain saw file. The Arbortech PRO-4 Kit comes as a complete package including the Arbortech blade and Pro-Guard, a multi-purpose guard which also acts as a depth stop, safety guard, parallel guide and chip deflector.

Key Features:
•     Small diameter cutting disc
•     Fits most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders
•     Waste wood removed in chip form
•     Supplied with blade and Pro-Guard, dual-purpose depth stop and safety guard

The Arbortech Woodcarver PRO-4 Kit will transform a standard 100mm or 115mm angle grinder in to a versatile companion with numerous uses for Trades – people, Wood – shapers, Sculptors and for Do-It-Yourself tasks. It will cut, carve, shape and trim hardwoods, softwoods and wood based sheet materials.

Code Size Description Price
340235 ------ Arbortech Woodcarver PRO-4 Kit £44.95
340237 ------ Arbortech Woodcarver PRO-4 Blade £33.44
340236 ------ Arbortech PRO-Guard for Woodcarver £31.45

Jet DC1100A Extractor

This ruggedly made extractor is designed for extended workshop use. Offering industrial quality construction and exceptional wood chip and sawdust extraction, it is large enough for a 300mm planer or many other workshop machines. The DC1100A is fitted with a high efficiency steel fan and the unique "Vortex" cone design, which maintains a high collection performance by preventing premature clogging of the filter, this works by separating the waste from the airflow and diverting the waste into the collecting bag. The base is fitted with castors for total mobility around the workshop. The 150mm inlet is fitted with a twin branch 100mm adaptor, allowing connection to either one or two machines. This machine can be upgraded to handle finer dusts with the addition of a 1 micron filter cartridge.

Supplied with a pack of five collection bags and a 30 micron filter bag, supplied without a hose, please note this machine uses waste sack size - 785 x 940mm (410241).

Specification for Jet DC1100A Extractor:

Air Flow – 1,620 m³/hr @ 150mm 1,100 m³/hr @ 100mm
Bag Capacity – 200 litres
Capacity – 200 litres
Hose Diameter – 150mm, 2 x 100mm
Model – DC-1100A
Nett Weight – 71kg
Overall L x W x H – 940 x 510 x 1,830mm
Particle Size – 30 micron
Power – 1.1kW (Max Input 1.9kW) 230V 1ph
Pressure – 1,700pa

Picture A. Shows the Jet CD1100A Dust Extractor – Code: 210045

Picture B. Shows the Jet CD1100A Dust Extractor fitted with the Micron Filter – Code: 700390

The Micron Filter – Code: 700390 is sold separately

(Please note: The Price for items 210045 and 700390 also includes free delivery to address’s within the UK mainland only)

Code Size Description Price
210045 230V Jet DC110OA Dust Extractor £338.50
410241 785mm x 940mm Dust Extractor Waste Sack - 31" x 37" – Orange – Pack of 10 £11.80
700390 ------ Micron Filter £254.00

Flexcut Beginner 2 – Blade Craft Carver Set

The Beginner 2-Blade Craft Carver Set has everything a new carver needs to tackle their first project. Our carving tutor Peter Berry designed and developed this package for Flexcut and thoroughly recommends the kit as an ideal introduction to the fascinating craft of woodcarving. Supplied with two carving blades plus an interchangeable ABS handle, as you gain experience you could easily make additions from the extensive range of Flexcut SK blades. A basswood blank for the leaf carving project and a second blank for practicing cuts are included. There is also a leaf project DVD as well as a 24-page project manual. Carving tutor Peter Berry designed and developed this package for Flexcut and thoroughly recommends the kit as an ideal introduction to the fascinating craft of woodcarving.

Key Features
•     The perfect introduction to woodcarving
•     Interchangeable ABS Palm Handle
•     2 Carving Blades in a safe pouch
•     Bass Wood Blanks included
•     Instructional DVD
•     24 Page Manual and Project Guide

Code Size Description Price
502721 2 Blade Set Beginner 2 – Blade Craft Carver Set: £24.99 (was £28.40) £24.99

Pen Mandrel Support

When turning the pen between centres the pen mandrel / shaft is normally supported by the use of a rotating centre fitted to the tail stock, which is pushed up to recess in the end of the pen shaft of the pen mandrel. Over a period of time this can cause some damage to the point – tip of your valuable rotating centre.

The new pen mandrel support designed and manufactured by the team at Planet Plus, the pen mandrel support enables the pen mandrel & shaft to be held securely between centres without any unnecessary force being applied to the pen shaft, the pen mandrel support is simply fitted to the tail stock as you would with the rotating centre and the pen shaft is then inserted in to the pen mandrel support, the pen mandrel eliminates any shake in the pen mandrel shaft as it rotates between centres during the pen turning process. The pen mandrel support will also reduce any unnecessary pressure being added to the lathes motor, especially with the smaller lathes

Code Size Description Price
PMS1 1MT Pen Mandrel Support – No 1MT £29.98
PMS2 2MT Pen Mandrel Support – No 2MT £29.98

Professional Pen Turning Kit – The New – Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit

With all the component parts of the very popular original rotur Professional Pen Turning Kit manufactured in the UK the New Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit comes with a new designed and highly engineered dust free collect tapered mandrel, with the use of the spanner included with the kit makes light work of making any adjustments to the length of the shaft to be used. Simply loosen the top end of the mandrel and slide in or out the shaft / rod to the required length, without the use of any allen keys, which can be tricky at times to use while the pen mandrel is inserted on the lathe. With this newly designed mandrel with the dust free collet, it enables the shaft / rod to be moved in and out smoothly and freely and when tightened the shaft / rod is held firmly and securely in place.

Like the original rotur Professional Pen Turning Kit the New Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit also comes complete in a neat robust sturdy Light blue plastic case, with a foam insert cut and shaped to house the items as shown below, so you can easily keep all your pen turning equipment in one place, clean and safe. The kit also comes complete with instructions on how to use the pen turning kit

The New Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit comes complete with the following:

• 3 x Long Series HSS tin coated drills: 6.8, 6.9 & 7mm
• Universal Pen Mandrel and shaft, supplied as either a No: 1MT or No: 2MT to suit your lathe
• 3 parallel spacers
• 4 cone spacers
• Lock nut kit - for use with the cones & spacers
• Pen blank trimming tool
• Pack of five Quality Twist Top ball point pen kits
• Instruction leaflet

For a limited time as an introductory offer to the New rotur Universal Deluxe Mandrel Pen Turning Kit www.turnerstoolbox.com are supplying the New Pen Turning kit complete with a selection of 5 of our best selling wooden pen turning blanks – and at No extra charge to yourself

Code Size Description Price
DPM1/K No 1MT Professional Pen Turning Kit – Deluxe Mandrel – No 1MT + 5 wooden pen blanks £73.95
DPM2/K No 2MT Professional Pen Turning Kit – Deluxe Mandrel – No 2MT + 5 wooden pen blanks £73.95

Hard Wax Oil

Developed by Chestnut Products this Hard Wax Oil is a tough, easy to apply oil which has wax dissolved into it for a harder-wearing surface. The oil is virtually clear and builds easily to a high gloss finish.

The properties of the Chestnut Hard Wax Oil make it ideal for use on woodturnings, furniture, worktops etc. and can be applied by a brush or cloth, with a drying time of about four hours. The Chestnut Hard Wax Oil complies with EN-71 making it safe for use on toys and furniture used in a bedroom / nursery

Supplied in 5oo ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltr containers

Code Size Description Price
HWO5m 500 ml Hard Wax Oil - 500 ml £9.50
HWO1l 1 ltr Hard Wax Oil - 1 ltr £16.99
HWO5l 5 ltr Hard Wax Oil - 5 ltr £69.99

Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe & Floor Stand - PACKAGE DEAL

Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe

The Jet JWL1221VS is different to every other Jet lathe that has been before. The whole lathe has been designed to make the woodturning experience better by focusing on control. As with all other JET lathes, this one is made from cast iron, but the bed width is much wider than usually found on machines of this size. This gives great support to the tool rest holder, which also stays exactly where you clamp it even under the heaviest loads. The spindle is supported by heavy duty bearings and is quietly driven by a 745W DC motor via a 6 groove belt system. All of the motor controls are very conveniently located together; the speed control, spindle speed digital readout and forward/reverse selector all come naturally to hand. The tall, rigid tailstock has an ACME barrel lead screw with 64mm of travel, the barrel and headstock spindles have 2MT tapers. Camlocks on both tailstock and toolrest holder allow easy positioning just where you want them. To help keep things tidy there are tool and cable storage fittings on the bed, keeping those essential tools within easy reach. Although this is a great bench top lathe, with the optional extension bed and matching lathe and bed stands you can expand this lathe into a floor standing machine with over 1,000mm between centres. The lathe stand has a built-in storage tray plus wide feet for stability, whilst the bed extension is an exact match to the lathe bed, giving a completely integrated look to whole machine. This is without doubt a very fine small lathe.

Stand for Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe

This substantial stand complements the JWL-1221VS lathe. Having wide feet, it remains very stable and has a convenient tool storage tray built in. Easy to assemble, it provides a ready alternative to bench mounting the lathe.

Key Features for the Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe
•     Fully cast iron construction with an extra wide bed, superbly stable
•     Exceptionally wide range of spindle speeds, 60-4,000rpm
•     Innovative ratchet style belt tensioning system, perfect every time
•     Conveniently located motor controls and speed DRO
•     24 integrated indexing positions and spring loaded spindle lock
•     Smooth transition between forward and reverse for easy control

Specification for Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe & Floor Stand - PACKAGE DEAL:
•     Distance Between Centres - 520mm
•     Max Diameter over Bed - 318mm
•     Model - JWL-1221VS
•     Power - 745W (230V, 1ph)
•     Speed - 60-4,000rpm
•     Spindle Taper - 2MT
•     Spindle Thread - 1" x 8tpi
•     Taper Tailstock - 2MT

Stand for Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe
•     This substantial stand complements the JWL-1221VS lathe
•     Having wide feet, it remains very stable
•     It has a convenient tool storage tray built in
•     Easy to assemble, it provides a ready alternative to bench mounting the lathe

Code Size Description Price
717443 ------ Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe & Floor Stand - PACKAGE DEAL £945.99
505073 ------ Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe 230V £725.99
505074 ------ Jet JWL1221-VS Bed Extension £149.95
505075 ------ Stand for JET JWL-1221VS £255.99
505076 ------ Stand Jet JWL 1221VS Extension Bed £103.99
508274 250mm 250mm Tool Rest For Jet JML-1221VS £19.55

Creative Pen Turning HD – DVD

Watch in HD as Mervyn Cadman walks you through the steps to turning many different design pens and using many different materials, he shows you the step by step process of being a creative pen turner

You’ll learn how to:
•     Be a creative pen turner with just using the basic tools
•     From start to finish – making the elegant beauty pen kit
•     Turning just of some of the different fountain and roller ball pen turning kits including the cigar pen kit with the Guiness effect pen blank (turn to our Pen Making section for the acrylic pen turning blanks)
•     Turning a cactus pen blank, soap stone and deer antler blanks
•     In addition to the above you will learn how to make a feather pen from start to finish
•     How to apply a CA finish to your pens.

Making this a valuable accessory to anyone who is just starting out in the art of turning pens at the woodturning lathe and it is just as valuable to the more advanced pen turner, presenting you with some new techniques on turning pens at the lathe   

The Creative Pen Turning HD – DVD is supplied in its own plastic case and the set consists of two HD – DVD’s with a running time of approximately 3.5 hours

Newly released volume 2 of the Creative Pen Turning HD – DVD taking you a stage further with more ideas and methods showing you the best way to create that special one of pen: The Creative Pen Turning HD – DVD Volume 2 has a running time of approximately 4 hours

And on offer if you were to purchase both Volumes 1 & 2 together, you will receive free of charge one of our twist top pen kits, an acrylic pen turning blank and a black velvet sleeve    

Code Size Description Price
CPTDVD Apprx 3.5 hours Creative Pen Turning HD – DVD – Volume 1 £25.99
DCPT2 Apprx 4 hours Creative Pen Turning HD – DVD – Volume 2 £25.99
DCPT1&2 Apprx 7 ½ hours Creative Pen Turning HD – DVD Volumes 1 & 2: Creative Pen Turning HD – DVD Volumes 1 & 2: Plus 1 of our twist top pen kits, an acrylic pen turning blank & a black velvet sleeve £50.00

Proxxon MOS Carver & Flexcut RG100 Power Carving Deluxe Set (14 Piece) Package

We have teamed up two excellent products and created the ultimate set for power carving. The Proxxon MOS carver is one of the easiest power carvers to use, just push the blade in and you are carving within seconds. The 10000 strokes per minute allow for clean, effortless and precision carving and when used in conjunction with the Flexcut RG100 Power Carving gouges.

Ideal for joiners, model makers and woodcarvers alike, the special balanced, low noise DC motor and also includes 3 Japanese bi-metal blades and is supplied in storage case

This special offer also includes the super sharp Flexcut RG100 Power Carving Deluxe Set (14 Piece Set) – The set comprises of the following:

RG302 #9 x 1/2" gouge, RG307 70° x 1/4" Vee-Tool, RG403 70° x 3/8" Vee-Tool, RG203 90° x 11/16" Vee-Tool, RG305 #3 x 3/8" gouge, RG400 #3 x 5/8" gouge, RG300 #3 x 3/4" gouge, RG200 #3 x 1" gouge, RG306 #6 x 5/16" gouge, RG401 #5 x 9/16" gouge, RG301 #5 x 5/8" gouge, RG201 #5 x 7/8" gouge, RG309 #11 x 1/8" gouge, RG402 #8 x 3/8" gouge

Making this set perfect for carving the smaller details such as; eyes and other facial features. The package offers everything and more for those of us who are seeking that professional touch to our work. All this and we’ve carved out a great saving with nearly £20 on the combined price

Code Size Description Price
717057 ------ Proxxon MSG Carver & Flexcut RG100 Power Carving Deluxe Set (14 Piece) Package £237.45

MaxiCut® RotaStop® Peppermill Boring Kit

Complete MaxiCut® RotaStop® Boring Kit for Salt and Peppermills

Boring pepper mills and drilling through the hardest of woods is fast and easy with Colt® MaxiCut® Forstner bits. These premium HSS bits feature a patented cutter head design that cuts up to 6 times faster than conventional forstner bits while lasting many times longer. In addition, MaxiCut® Forstner bits feature a patented RotaStop® quick release shank design that locks positively into standard drill chucks in addition to RotaStop® extension shanks and RotaStop® morse taper adapters. To release, grip one section with a set of pliers and twist the other section a 1/4 turn and you’re done. It’s that easy.

•     Probably the best system in the world for boring out peppermills
•     Cutting head cuts equally well on side and end grain timbers
•     Chip breakers remove chips and reduce heat build up
•     Cuts hard woods with ease and can be re-sharpened
•     Lasts several times longer than other forstner bits
•     Morse taper adapters available for mounting in headstock/tailstock
•     Maxi Cut® Bits are compatible only with Maxi Cut® extenders and adapters

Kit contains one each: 1 1/16" (27mm) MaxiCut® RotaStop® Forstner Bit, 6"/150mm RotaStop® Extension, No. 2 Morse Taper Adapter with RotaStop®

Code Size Description Price
10800134 1 1/16" - 27mm Maxi Cut Rota Stop Pepper Mill Kit (3-Piece Set) £71.98

Jet JWL-1015VS Woodturning Lathe

This new variable speed Jet lathe is an excellent introduction to woodturning. It is a lovely, smooth running lathe and has the power and precision to turn any number of projects, ranging from pens, bottle stoppers, drawers, cupboard knobs, platters, boxes and bowls. Powered by a 375W variable speed DC motor, it drives a strong spindle through 3 belt pulley ratios, giving a good range of speeds for any project. The electronic variable speed control system has sensitive feedback which controls the torque applied to the spindle, keeping the spindle running at the speed set even when a heavy load is applied to it. The speed within each ratio is varied by a simple control knob located on the right hand side of the bed. Speed ratio changing is easy with convenient doors giving full access to the belt and pulleys; a grab handle is used to raise the motor and to re-tension the belt. The bed is precision ground cast iron with much wider than average bedways. This gives great support to the tool rest and tailstock, both fitted with cam locking. The spindle has the common M33 x 3.5mm thread and has a 2MT internal taper. There are also 24 integrated indexing positions making it easy to cut fluting and veining. The tailstock also has a 2MT internal bore, the spindle having a 50mm travel and is self ejecting. The Jet JWL-1015VS is again a perfect choice for the novice woodturner or the advanced turner looking for a small, fully featured machine for the workshop. Supplied with 80mm faceplate, 2MT drive and tailstock centres and knock-out bar, N.B. The distance between centres will vary and be dependent on the type of centres or accessories used.

Key Features
•     Cast iron lathe bed for stability and extremely low vibration
•     Years of trouble-free turning due to high build quality
•     Hollow tailstock and headstock for hollow boring
•     Cam lock levers on tool rest and tailstock
•     3 speed ratios, 200-1,050, 300-1,750 & 600-3,600rpm
•     Spindle indexed every 15° for fluting or veining
•     Easy belt ratio change, quiet running Poly-V belt

Specification for Jet JWL-1015VS – Woodturning Lathe:
•     Distance Between Centres – 368mm
•     Max Diameter over Bed – 254mm
•     Model – JWL – 1015VS
•     Nett Weight – 33kg
•     Overall L x W x H – 890 x 300 x 370mm
•     Power – 375W (230V 1ph)
•     Speed – 200-3,600rpm within 3 ratios
•     Spindle Taper – 2MT
•     Spindle Thread M33 x 3.5mm
•     Taper Tailstock – 2MT
•     Tool Rest Stem Diameter – 16mm

Code Size Description Price
508264 ------ Jet JWL-1015VS Lathe 230V £449.96 (was £559.96) £449.96
717622 ------ Jet JWL1015VS Lathe & Floor Stand - PACKAGE DEAL £589.97 (was £699.96) £589.97
508265 ------ Jet JWL-1015 Bed Extension £99.95
508266 ------ Stand for Jet JWL-1015(VS) £174.95
508267 ------ Stand for Jet JWL-1015(VS) Extension Bed £78.95

Hollow Rotating Centre & Long Series Lip & Spur Drill – Special Offer

If you are just starting or just need to replace or upgrade your hollowing system and to help you save some money, buy both the Hollow Rotating Centre codes: HRC1 (No1 MT) or the HRC2 (No 2MT) and the Lip and Spur Drill Bit - Long Series 5/16” dia x 24” long – code: LSL/C516 together

Code Size Description Price
HRCLSD/1MT 5/16"-No1MT Long Series 5/16” lip and spur Drill & Hollow Rotating Centre – 5/16" – 1MT £59.99
HRCLSD/2MT 5/16"-No2MT Long Series 5/16” lip and spur Drill & Hollow Rotating Centre – 5/16" – 2MT £59.99

Hand Held Drive Punch 1

We all know how damage is caused to our drive centres, after finding the centre of the blank you take the drive centre and using a hammer or mallet tap it into the centre marking on the blank, the first couple of times no problem then without realising it, the end of the drive centre starts to become out of shape and damaged

This new product introduced by Planet will solve this problem, this unique tool works by positioning it on to the marked centre of the blank and then simply tapping it into the blank using the mallet or hammer, leaving the groves making it easier so that the blank will then fit onto the drive centres on the lathe. Why damage your more expensive drive centres anymore

Our Special Offer – Buy the new Hand Held Drive Punch 1" 4 Prong and get the Planet Wooden Mallet at half price (Wooden Mallet is listed at £10.32 when purchased separately)

Code Size Description Price
014H 1" Hand Held Drive Punch 1" 4 Prong £17.38
014HM 1" Hand Held Drive Punch 1" 4 Prong & Wooden Mallet £22.54
WM38 ------ Wooden Mallet £10.32

Robert Sorby Sovereign Deluxe Boxed Spiralling and Texturing Tool Set

For decorating woodturning, this set is an absolute must! This set features both the full size and modular micro systems to deliver a multitude of decorative shapes and patterns. Set includes Unhandled spiralling system, texturing cutter, spiralling cutters 2mm, 4mm and 6mm pitches, unhandled modular micro spiralling tool, 2 micro spiralling cutters and micro texturing cutter, 12" Sovereign handle, 4" Sovereign extension, Sovereign 1/2" collet, Sovereign threaded coupler, 600g Diamond Honing Card and Focus on Decorative Techniques DVD. The set comes complete with a beautiful wooden box that has been carefully designed by Robert Sorby's product management team to appeal to beginners and the more experienced woodturner alike.

Was £284.35 – Our special offer price is now only £226.00

Code Size Description Price
SOV-3370DBS ------ Robert Sorby Sovereign Deluxe Boxed Spiralling and Texturing Tool Set £226.00

Robert Sorby Sovereign Deluxe Boxed 6 Piece Turning Tool Set

This set of woodturning tools consists of the ever popular 67HS – 6 piece tool set, but with the added benefits afforded by the Sovereign handle system. This set includes a 3/4" Spindle Gouge, 3/8" Spindle Gouge, 3/8" Bowl Gouge, 3/4" Standard Skew Chisel, 1/8" Standard Parting Tool, Round Nose Scraper, 12" Sovereign Handle, 4" Sovereign Extension, Sovereign 3/8" , 1/2" and Tang Collets, Sovereign Threaded Coupler, 600g Diamond Honing Card and Focus on Starting Out Woodturning DVD. Comes complete in a beautiful wooden box each carefully designed by Robert Sorby's product management team to appeal to beginners and the more experienced woodturner alike

Was £260.26 – Our special offer price is now only £199.99

Code Size Description Price
SOV-67DBS ------ Robert Sorby Sovereign Deluxe Boxed 6 Piece Turning Tool Set £199.99




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